our story

I will never forget the first time I melted American cheese into my bowl of instant phở. I was 5 years old, I had no idea what was I doing, and probably shouldn’t have been allowed in the kitchen; but that bowl of phở was so good. Would I do that now? Probably not. But that particular dish piqued my love of food. From my parents’ herb garden to our family dinners; I was spoiled with an abundance of amazing Vietnamese food. Tốt is a culmination of my love of Vietnamese food and my American Dream. I want to share the joy of our cuisine to you one bowl of phở at a time. Here are my promises:
– KHANH LE, owner


We take inspiration from northern Vietnamese food. Our phở is influenced by phở from Hanoi. The flavor profile of our food is unique combinations of textures and temperatures; savoriness with a hint of sweetness; and richness balanced with acidity. We will strive for authenticity in flavor, yet be modern and creative with our methods of presentation and in our choices of ingredients.


We don’t take the easy way out. Our food is inspired by using humble and fresh ingredients to create amazing food. From our 24-hour phở broth to our hand rolled chả giò; everything is made in-house, with care.


We strive to give you an amazing experience every time. We want to meet and exceed your expectations. Over time we will continue to raise the bar for our standards of excellence.


We want our customers to support us. In turn, we love to be involved in our community; from charities, to special events, to fundraisers. We will get involved.